What is the IMFS Global EduFest?

The IMFS Global EduFest aims to serve as a ‘segue’ between the large talent pool of students from India seeking high standards of globally relevant education and many prestigious international Universities. Tremendous untapped potential hides many a Picassos, Aryabhattas, Michelangelos, and Einsteins in its folds, and we at IMFS are committed to help students and universities unravel it!

Besides showcasing the capability panorama of elite universities from around the world, the IMFS Global EduFest also offers an assessment of available caliber with direct interaction between the potential students and university representatives. A relationship of trust and a shared goal to achieve, is the key force that attracts young talent to IMFS. Belonging to cities like Mumbai, Pune and Manipal, most of these students bring tremendous potential, strong communication skills and a high achievement orientation to the table. For them, IMFS Global EduFest is their window to the skies filled with opportunities to meet their aspiration for an international education!

Universities that have participated so far

Testimonials from University representatives

Kathleen Joyce, Can Isik, Sue Corieri
Syracuse University
Jay Horn
University of Texas Arlington
Ian Dahlinghaus
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Julie Zimmermans
New York University
Dr. Larry Wear
CSU Chico
Pranesh Aswath
University of Texas Arlington

IMFS Global EduFest glimpses